New NPL Mascot Announced

Meet River the Reading Ranger

Post Date:03/14/2014 9:05 AM

This March, excitement is building at the Norfolk Public Library (NPL) with the introduction of a new mascot. The first of its kind, the mascot is an adorable fox named River who wears a red cape. He dons the cape because his official job at the Library is the “Reading Ranger.” River the Reading Ranger will be a champion of the Library and a defender of literacy!  

The Friends of the Norfolk Public Library (FNPL) developed the idea of creating an official mascot for NPL to increase community awareness about the new Slover Memorial Library that is expected to open in January 2015. In 2012, the FNPL held the Read & Rethink Everything Read-a-thon for Norfolk’s K-12 students. All elementary and middle school students who participated in the read-a-thon had an opportunity to vote for a mascot character type, which culminated in a marvelous reading superhero.

Weather permitting, anyone anxious to get a sneak peek at River the Reading Ranger can see him at his first public appearance on Saturday, March 15 in Norfolk’s Saint Patrick’s Day Parade. You may also catch a glimpse of River in upcoming weeks as he makes impromptu visits to all Norfolk Public Library branches and at Storytimes to engage children in reading.

River has an official backstory!

One dark and scary night, a terrible storm swept a helpless young fox into the Lafayette River. Fortunately he managed to save himself by scrambling onto a floating log. The next day a woman found him among the debris on the riverbank. She took him home and nursed him back to health. Her name was Elizabeth and she was a librarian for the Norfolk Public Library. Every evening Elizabeth brought home books from the library and read to River. His favorite books were about superheroes. Soon he was able to understand Elizabeth’s stories and decided that he wanted to be a superhero too!  When River dons his red superhero cape he becomes the “Reading Ranger,” champion of NPL and defender of literacy!

Look for River the Reading Ranger to be out and about Norfolk celebrating the benefits of public libraries and reading as enthusiastic citizens await the opening of the new Slover Memorial Library.

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